It’s time to TRANSFORM all that’s been holding you back.

Genevieve DiGiovanni Energy Medicine Practitioner & Psych-K Facilitator

We all know it’s impossible to pour from an empty cup. You must fill that cup because you can’t give what you don’t have. Perhaps you have found yourself in this situation and you just go thru the motions because you are simply stuck and burned out, and not knowing why.

It’s so important that you take the time to recharge, reenergize, and reconnect with yourself on a regular basis. Energy medicine fulfills the 3 R’s. In doing so, you blaze the path for all those who are in your life. Healing yourself creates a ripple effect of healing within those around you.

Let’s define stuck or burned out:

  • Not comfortable in your own skin
  • Can’t take charge of life in order to achieve important goals
  • Need to make better choices and can’t find the way
  • Desire financial success
  • Don’t have the energy to participate in the world around you
  • Feels unheard or invisible
  • Deserving but don’t know how to embrace it

These are just a few that I overcame with ENERGY MEDICINE.
There are always more definitions because they are yours.

IF you identify with any of the above,
you’ve come to the right place.

As an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Psych-K Facilitator, I have helped countless clients change their mindset, which changes everything. When you change your perspective on any situation, whatever the circumstance, you change the situation itself and discover a life of emotional freedom.

HI, I’m Genevieve DiGiovanni,
but you can call me Lady G!

I’m a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, instructor, and Psych-K Facilitator, and I’ve helped hundreds survive loss, addiction, abuse, pain & more.

I am no stranger to the struggles in life which imprint upon us lasting traumas. I have overcome and survived my traumas thru my classical training of modalities that focused on releasing the emotional baggage and limiting beliefs that were connected. I combined the wisdom, compassion, and intuition that I gained from doing my own work, and I am able to teach and facilitate my clients in their awareness and release of their own emotional baggage and limiting beliefs. When they let go of what was holding them back, then they moved on in their lives with confidence and renewed self-esteem.

It is an honor to empower others to be the best version of themselves.

Changing your beliefs changes your life.

You have heard that over and over again, but how do you do make the change.

Energy exists all around us, on multiple levels or fields, and connects every living and non-living on this planet and beyond. Each human has their own signature energy field and the body is a mirror of what is happening in that energy field, which means that making changes in your personal energy field can make changes in your physical body.

This is how energy medicine works: by tapping into the field of all energy, an energy healer harmonizes your energy field, which consequently harmonizes your body.

There is an expression, “Be the wise rather than the wounded.”

Which do you choose?

Everything starts with a thought, which generates a feeling. As a team, we identify what you are feeling and how is it affecting you?

The following are just clues to the state of your energy field:

  • Anxiety, depression, or other mood issues
  • Fears, phobias, and creative blocks
  • Grief or a sense of profound loss
  • Self-confidence issues
  • Sleep or insomnia issues
  • Patterns of toxic or abusive relationships
  • Illness, pain, trauma, or fatigue

MY clients have had success in overcoming all of these obstacles and more. Here’s what they have to say…

Gifted healer, Genevieve, brought me her light and love when I couldn’t find my own. She guided me through a difficult time and helped me make peace with past experiences. I believe that without her, the support she offered, and the work we did together, I would not have such a happy heart! I am lucky to have her in my life!


If it weren’t for Genevieve I wouldn’t be here today. I’ve seen her for three years now and she has helped me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I look forward to our appointments so much! She always seems to know what I need without me even telling her and I consider her a friend as well as my energy healer. You won’t find a better person in this world!


It’s my pleasure and honor to share my profound and transformative journey with Genevieve. I was seeking healing from childhood traumas while experiencing an unhealthy and complex mother-daughter relationship which included generational trauma and codependency. With compassion, patience, gentleness, and an open heart and spirit, Genevieve guided by Divine Love and in collaboration with me, and with time (for healing), remodeled my heart and mind. I am more content, peaceful, full of joy, and love more freely. And I see challenges in life including my imperfections as learning opportunities; like a gentle whisper calling me to go deeper and look for the kernel of pure truth in every situation. Shalom to all.


I absolutely love working with Genevieve. She has truly helped me transform life. As a high performing professional, I often push through a lot of my concerns. She has helped me identify underlying subconscious beliefs that have been holding me back from living the life I was made to lead. One by one, we slowly began to chip away at the thoughts/beliefs stored in my subconscious. One pattern related to a relationship that had been very depleting. After several sessions with Genevieve, I found myself physically unable to continue in the pattern, particularly if the pattern was not in aligned with my feeling of wholeness. Literally, my subconscious mind, which was now in alignment with my conscious mind, helped me draw difficult yet important boundaries. Genevieve is compassionate and intuitive and I am blessed to have found her.


READY to start healing?

Stop the pain and feel the difference with energy medicine.