WHO is Genevieve DiGiovanni, aka “Lady G”?

What inspired me to become a natural healing conduit? MY OWN JOURNEY!

Starting with the loss of a parent at nine, my confidence and ability to trust others were forever changed. I have faced many other life challenges along my journey. My journey has been wonderful at times and painful at others. Ultimately, it helped me discover my life’s purpose: working to improve my own and other’s health & wellness — one person at a time — wherever and whenever we connected.

My ongoing spiritual journey has taken me to a brighter, healthier state of joy and well-being. I learned very young that I was never alone and these influences would be there when I needed them…for the rest of my life.  I used to hear stories about my Grandmother [a natural “hands-on healer” in her own right] and some of the things she could do to help people. It sounded like magic to me. To the people she helped, she was a Godsend… at a time when there wasn’t affordable medical care for all who needed it. So, my curiosity started with my “Grandmother the Healer” and has never stopped.

It took me a long time to work through all of the STUFF on my journey. I give credit to the people who have mentored and have been my teachers. I’ve worked hard to train in a variety of natural healing techniques and in several years earned my first professional certification as an energy medicine practitioner, and later as a certified instructor. I’m doing what I love and helping others in the process — I’ve found my purpose, I’ve found my passion, and I’ve found the inner peace that I’ve been seeking since I was a young child.

I credit my travels for the growth of my being.

I was blessed to travel to many sacred sites throughout the world. Machu- Picchu was particularly powerful for me as I participated in a sacred ceremony arranged by the indigenous people and was led by a Shaman in the self enlightened experience. Hiking the Amazon in Peru sealed within me the importance of our connection to nature and environment.

My travels took me to Egypt, spending time contemplating the meaning of the historical sites, the Great pyramid and its siblings. Laying hands on the Sphinx touched me to my soul knowing that only an advanced civilization could have created such a grand wonder.

Next, I explored The United Arab Emirates, touring Dubai, Abu Dhabi. The beauty in this country took my breath away.

Europe called to me. I have experienced Germany, Spain, France, but Italy is the origin of my ancestors. I have been drawn to return to Italy on numerous occasions just to experience the energy of my family’s beginnings.
Traveling allows you to leave a little piece of yourself and bring back memories that will last you a life time. Nothing expands your ability to understand that people are people where ever we go. Whether it is traveling the world or in your community, We all have the same wants and desires, to live in PEACE AND HARMONY!

Most of the problems that I help clients with today are the same ones that I have faced and conquered.

I am living proof that they can also excel at this path we call life.

We all have difficult roads behind us and ahead of us. Yet we all have the power within us to help heal ourselves, make our lives better, and achieve the well-being that we all desire. My approach as an energy healer is to help you harness your body’s natural healing abilities to achieve your highest level of well-being.

I extend my hand to you, take it and start;

Your Healing Journey


MY clients have had success in overcoming all of these obstacles and more. Here’s what they have to say…

Gifted healer, Genevieve, brought me her light and love when I couldn’t find my own. She guided me through a difficult time and helped me make peace with past experiences. I believe that without her, the support she offered, and the work we did together, I would not have such a happy heart! I am lucky to have her in my life!


If it weren’t for Genevieve I wouldn’t be here today. I’ve seen her for three years now and she has helped me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I look forward to our appointments so much! She always seems to know what I need without me even telling her and I consider her a friend as well as my energy healer. You won’t find a better person in this world!


It’s my pleasure and honor to share my profound and transformative journey with Genevieve. I was seeking healing from childhood traumas while experiencing an unhealthy and complex mother-daughter relationship which included generational trauma and codependency. With compassion, patience, gentleness, and an open heart and spirit, Genevieve guided by Divine Love and in collaboration with me, and with time (for healing), remodeled my heart and mind. I am more content, peaceful, full of joy, and love more freely. And I see challenges in life including my imperfections as learning opportunities; like a gentle whisper calling me to go deeper and look for the kernel of pure truth in every situation. Shalom to all.


I absolutely love working with Genevieve. She has truly helped me transform life. As a high performing professional, I often push through a lot of my concerns. She has helped me identify underlying subconscious beliefs that have been holding me back from living the life I was made to lead. One by one, we slowly began to chip away at the thoughts/beliefs stored in my subconscious. One pattern related to a relationship that had been very depleting. After several sessions with Genevieve, I found myself physically unable to continue in the pattern, particularly if the pattern was not in aligned with my feeling of wholeness. Literally, my subconscious mind, which was now in alignment with my conscious mind, helped me draw difficult yet important boundaries. Genevieve is compassionate and intuitive and I am blessed to have found her.